How do you kill a monster?

Monday, November 9, 2009

What’s more interesting than the passing of Saturday’s historic congressional health care legislation? How about, why is the legislation still alive? Read the monster stories and you will see that a silver bullet kills a werewolf, a wooden stake through the heart will kill a vampire, but there seems to be no stopping the government take over of health care. Here are a few things that should have killed this Obamanation and yet the beast lives on.

1. Bipartisanship

After nearly a decade of the left extolling the positive virtues of bipartisanship and its ability to solve all problems, bipartisanship proved ineffective in stopping health care unreform on Saturday. Despite the heavy bipartisan effort to kill the monster, it proved ineffective. In fact, the press has been working hard to show that bipartisanship was directly responsible for resurrecting the creature.

2. The monster’s true image

I’m reminded of the story of Dorian Grey who would have been immortal had he not looked upon the reality of his true image. That wasn’t the case with health care. Even today, the left continues to pontificate that private insurance companies are needlessly and immorally denying patient’s access to health care for money. AMA released a report showing that government run Medicare rejects more patients than private insurance, thus showing the monster the monster’s true image and yet the evidence proved unsuccessful in abating the bills passage.

3. Medical science’s magic bullet

Obama has been adamant that by releasing this monstrous bill, the monster will in turn fight off the pending health care doom on the horizon. The strategy was that the bill focused on prevention and as a result, preventative measures would lower costs of treatment. Medical research took its best shot at besting the health care menace by showing that preventative medicine does not lower health care costs. The shot was well aimed and timed, but I think it’s safe to say at this point that rational arguments will not fell this ghoul.

4. The villager’s with their fire and pitchforks

The villagers have been out in force to protest this monster’s creation. However, Dr Frankenstein congressional members seem to be reluctant to end their evil creation. There was a time where fire and pitchforks were a reality, as was the practice of tar and feathering and riding politicians on rails. Despite the claims from congress that villager violence is at an all time high in this country, so far the peasants have not progressed beyond peacefully insistent. I’m not advocating a change in strategy. Instead, I’m pointing out that the mad scientists in congress are feeling very confident that their lordly, castle walls will restrain the peasants.

5. Dr Jekyll will take the potion even if it means death

Despite the fact that congress has removed the doctor fix, both the AARP and AMA have pledged their undying support. What’s the doctor fix? According to current legislation, Medicare is set to dramatically slash the amount that the government will reimburse doctors for services. As a result, many doctors are threatening to either close up shop or flat out refuse Medicare patients. This is one of those “the government fails at everything” examples you are supposed to ignore. The doctor fix would have corrected this issue. However, the doctor fix also would have made the government monster health care bill look a little too frightening for Democrats as deficits in the 10 year window would have popped up in the CBO report, so it had to go. As a result, many Medicare users may face losing their doctors and doctors face bankruptcy. Please take note as to whom the left chooses to through under the bus first.

Congress also decided to impose a tax on health care equipment like pace makers and still no peep from AARP and AMA. When it comes to the left, ideology trumps even your constituents.

6. Don’t expect the zombies to become less zombie-like

As in all evil rituals, those that desire to summon evil must provide a sacrifice. The left chose to sacrifice human sacrifice. The house bill added a last minute amendment guaranteeing that the public option will not cover abortions. However, as is the case when you are dealing with zombies, you cannot expect zombies to start becoming less zombie-like. This health care bill was unacceptable to most zombies long before the abortion sacrifice and still they follow their master.

7. King Kong versus Godzilla or King Kong and Godzilla

We are at 10.2% unemployment and many analysts are concerned about a double dip recession. In short, Godzilla is destroying Tokyo. For some reason, many on the left believe that letting loose their King Kong health care plan will bring about Godzilla’s destruction (or was it that people would be too worried about King Kong that they wouldn’t notice Godzilla?). In watching the old Japanese horror films, have you ever wondered why King Kong and Godzilla bothered fighting each other? That’s my puzzlement with this strategy.

Today, the media is busy talking about how the health care bill is dead on arrival at the Senate. I don’t believe it for a second. If the things I listed above can’t kill this monster, I doubt that moderate senators will be up to the task. If you know how to best this beast, now’s the time to speak up before the left let’s loose this monster on the innocent.


KOOK said...

That is an amazing post. Amazing.

November 10, 2009 at 12:05 PM
CJ said...

I’m completely against this bill, but it’s hard to want to call my senators’ offices opposing. I want something that gets employers out of health insurance and that takes a little money from everyone and uses it to help the poor. I’m afraid the only way to get money for healthcare for the poor is for it to be a small component of a massive “overhaul”. My hope is that it passes and people find a way around it, so it doesn’t stifle medical innovation too much.

How did we get here? Would people really not have agreed to small tax on the middle class and rich to help out the poor? Does the middle class really want someone to take its money and use it to manage its life? Do people really believe that the government can do a better job at controlling costs than a world of smart people working out business models to bring services to willing customers with money to spend? That’s the most annoying part-- the wrong idea that central planning can do a better job allocating scare resources than markets.

November 10, 2009 at 2:35 PM
RightKlik said...

I think ObamaCare will eventually crush under its own incredible weight.

November 10, 2009 at 3:02 PM

C-Gen - Great post, I love how you tie in the monster theme to all of the info. Great cartoon too!

As CJ point out here, this issue is not left/right but essentially the nature of government. Do Americans really think that central planners can allocate our resources and money better than free individuals, free to choose? I think not and want this 'reform' dead, I want a vampire stake throught it's heart and I don't want to see it again EVER.

PS, can I use the 'toon tomorrow? I'll give it ample play and headline it.....I might use it as a banner for aggregated socialized med news.

November 10, 2009 at 8:11 PM

Kook - Thanks!

CJ - I'm not certain an overhaul would have been the solution. At least, not anywhere near the scale the current legislation is 1,900 pages. Anything that complex is doomed to failure.

Klik - A War of the Worlds kind of ending? Maybe, I hope so. MAinfo was saying they may push the senate bill next week.

LCR - thanks for stopping by and I would never complain about linkage.

November 10, 2009 at 8:26 PM
CJ said...

I am certain this overhaul would not be my preferred solution. My hope is its complexity makes it doomed to failure, but the part about helping the needy stick.

November 10, 2009 at 11:59 PM

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