Massa doubles down on Obama’s joke of a stimulus bill and it’s not funny

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Steuben County Young Republicans over at Pachyderm Points contacted me regarding footage they had of Eric Massa’s recent announcement to run for reelection for NY’s 29th Congressional District. I’ve posted the video footage below. Just a reminder for everyone, Eric Massa is the leftwing ideologue who promised to vote against the interests of his district for Canadian style single payer health care. Given Massa’s recent statements regarding his support for the stimulus package at his announcement for candidacy, it would seem that nothing has changed in recent months.

FACT CHECK for Massa: Hundreds of millions to your district? How about $60 million to the entire state.

When someone asked Massa whether he would support legislation to end the stimulus package, Massa’s response was, “Hell no! I'm not giving it back!” While his statement sounds like a populous promise to show his constituents the money, in reality, the stimulus has been a raw deal for the voters in the 29th.

A recent AP article estimates that the stimulus had created a massive 3.5 jobs in the Elmira, Ithica, Binghamton region. Even’s rosy jobs saved and created formula shows 50 jobs allotted to Massa and none of those jobs located in Elmira, Schuyler, or Steuben counties. The job creation numbers are a pretty poor showing for a district of over 650,000 people and roughly 58,500 of them unemployed.

Just how deflated is Massa’s stimulus rhetoric? I suggest we evaluate what our $768 billion investment in the stimulus bill is doing for district 29. Since I’m a numbers kind of person, I have the breakdown below.

Cost of the stimulus - $768,000,000,000
Cost of the stimulus per American (307,000,000 people) - $2,500/person
Total cost for the residents of the 29th District (650,000 people) - $1.6 billion
Amount of money paid to the entire NYS as of 10/09? - $60 million

The number only gets worse when I recalculate based on taxpayers instead of population so I gave you the optimistic version. Even Massa's embellished hundreds of millions doesn't break even! Look it up in the dictionary and you will find the definition of a bad decision; spend billions of your district's money to get millions back and "create or save" a handfull of jobs.

At the same time Massa is way behind in stimulating his district's economy, White House Economist Christina Roemer is saying that the biggest effects of the stimulus have already taken effect. Recent news also shows that 49 out of 50 states are showing job losses, not gains since the stimulus was enacted.

If Massa was looking out for the interests of his district, his response should have been “Hell Yeah! Our $1.6 billion is not worth the pittance apportioned to us.” Instead, we watch the video and hear an Eric Massa who is resolved to follow his broken ideology to the bitter, tumultuous end. If I had advice for the 29th district it would be this; do yourselves a favor in 2010 and fire the Massa. Fire him because his ideology trumps you at every turn and your interests are more important than Massa’s Ahab’s errand to test his leftist ideology on your community.

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