Sarah Palin and the Dirty Leftist Tactics

Friday, June 5, 2009

It seems the leftist hate for Sarah Palin can only be equaled to their love of Barak Obama. As the leftist media talking bobble heads unceasingly thrust their noses in the air and tout their democrat, moral high ground street cred, they also unceasingly turn their heads and media pens from the obvious moral leftist atrocities that are evident daily. Who’s got the time? They are too busy talking about how they have finally ended torture, human rights violations, and fighting for the legitimacy of a seeming endless number of invented civil rights. They are so arduous in their crusade to positively brand their party of association, who could blame them if they can’t find the time to report the news about how the left is trying to ruin Sarah Palin? After all, the left is peace loving and empathetic, to report such dishonesty would be against the template of truth.

Two days ago Sarah Palin celebrated the news that she had been vindicated in her 14th ethics complaint. This particular complaint was filed by a leftist blogger and contained 22 separate allegations. Like the complaints before, the 14th complaint was both politically motivated and lacking of substance.

Good luck trying to find media coverage on the issue. I had to go to the Alaska State website. If you can find an article, I’m sure you’ll find the following media template in place:

* Ethical complaints continue to mount for Palin
* It was determined that no violation was made on Palin’s part
* Palin claims the complaints are politically motivated
* Defending herself is costing lots of money

What the template misses is the growing incongruence that shows that the democrat party is not actually the party of moral high ground or empathy, but a party willing to resort to whatever tactics it deems necessary to achieve its ideological goals. They fear and dislike Sarah Palin so they must make every effort to destroy her financially, politically, or whatever avenue they can invent.

It’s time the left cleaned up their own party instead of quietly condoning the dirty tactics. If the left really wants to take the moral high ground, it’s time to confront and end the dirty tricks. It's time the left stood up for Sarah Palin.


oh come on... really
absolute nonsense.

June 6, 2009 at 1:21 AM

Thanks for stopping by Littlest Gator.

I'm sorry, but I don't see how your post has anything to do with her ethics violation attacks. Unless of course you are trying to say that you hate Sarah Palin and therefore it's justifies. Then you'd be proving my point ;)

It's fine to disagree with someone, but to drag them into court with fictitious ethics complaints is pretty low.

June 6, 2009 at 6:42 AM
Greg said...

I read Littlest Gator's comments as well, and, like you, I came away with the impression that he or she figures that these ethics complaints are OK because they target someone he or she hates.

You are right about the "ethics" complaints. It should be pointed out everytime someone writes about them that one of the complainers was one Linda Biegle who was the "official DNC blogger for Alaska" during the campaign. She's probably still getting paid to run her website, and attack Palin all the time. Other complainers also worked for or were big donors to the 0bama campaign. One Alaskan blogger Shannyn Moore, writes for the Huffington Post, and has admitted that all these people know each other, meet, email, and call each other regularly. Essentially, she admits that they conspire together on tactics.

June 6, 2009 at 8:07 AM

CG - Great points, you sound nearly as angry as I, it is disgusting and despicable how the left/media treat Palin, it truly points to how disgusting the discourse and debate has become. Yet these are the folks that always tout themselves and 'tolerant' and such. Pathetic. Today I wrote up a piece on one of the most disgusting stories I have come across......

June 7, 2009 at 1:04 PM
The Law said...

Ok... I'm going try and be as objective as I can. In so many ways, Sarah Palin highlights EVERYTHING that is wrong with the far right (not that the far left is any better). I find her incredibly ignorant, uninformed and I think we all can agree she was definitely not ready for the national spotlight. I recognize that she is a governor and that is essentially the president of the state, but my county has 6 times the number of people in her state(which is not very diverse at all), and she has not demonstarted the ability to empathize with people not of her own upbringing. My blog spent a good deal ragging on her during the campaign, so if you want more, you're welcome to read it lol.

That said, if she was vindicated, that's all the news I need to hear... she went through her paces in court under a bipartisan committee. If they said she didn't do anything wrong, then I will personally cease and desist my negative opinion related to her ethics, and encourage other bloggers and journalists from the left side of the aisle to do the same.

June 7, 2009 at 8:26 PM


Can't ask for more.

In my opinion, she needs several more years if she wants to be a viable Presidential candidate. However in 2008 she was running for vice president and I have yet to hear a good excuse from the left for picking Joe Biden.

I certainly would not expect everyone to agree with her ideology. However, the recent ethics attacks are outrageous.

June 7, 2009 at 9:26 PM
Devrim said...

During the Hill-Bill years we all knew who wore the trousers. The left just can't stand a woman with more cajones than Hill and Bill combined wearing a skirt.

Mrs. Palin is more ready to be a presidential candidate than Huckabee, Thompson et al. Show me a governor who has the balls to fly a bush plane in -30 F weather to deliver food/drugs to remote villages. The problem with Mrs. Palin is ,unlike the current president, she is humble, she doesn't go on camera and tell the people what she did and what she is capable of.

June 7, 2009 at 9:41 PM
The Law said...

Regarding Joe Biden as VP, what other choices were there? John Edwards the womanizer? Howard Dean, the likable guy who is too soft for the national stage?

I like Joe Biden... I youtubed his senate videos during the campaign, and after 30+ years in politicas, he's just as enthusiastic as the first day. I especially agree with with on foreign policy issues. I like him for all the reasons I liked pre-campign John McCain... dedicated intelligent men who know the system in and out, and still care enough not to get wrapped up in the belt way BS. (and now with the election over, McCain has returned to the likable version again might I add)

Now Hilary Clinton would have been a bad choice ONLY because she wouldnt have too active a role in the administration as VP... she'd largely be in the background. As Secretary of State, she is way involved with the administration, so I think it was the better move to put her there as the 5th in command.

June 7, 2009 at 9:46 PM

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